Hi, my name is Ryan and I am a clickoholic.

I started Headbone Photography in December 2008 after some encouragement from friends and band members to showcase live band photography due to the lack of exposure that Metal bands in SA unfortunately have. With this, I am helping out in my way to help said bands get more exposure here in SA and on the world stage. Originally I used a variety of "point-and-shoot" cameras, ranging from Canon PowerShot's to Nikons to Kodaks, then got a break by getting a Canon 1000D DSLR for a rediculously low price and I haven't looked back since.

After a tenure for 3 years concentrating purely on live shoots for bands, my experience grew as an official photographer for Zeplins Nightclub in Pretoria, official photographer for MotherFUDD 2010, amongst others.

My interests for capturing cars, bikes, flowers, animals etc grew at a huge pace and I am constantly learning new techniques to further my experience and to give the best that I can.

Not only live bands are shot now. Events such as car and bike events, animals, etc are all taken care of.
I am based in Pretoria, South Africa.

The site will be updated regularly, so please keep checking.

Ryan "Skully" Demoser

My contact details are as follows:
Cell - 082 452 5280
e-mail - ryan-pics [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk
Abnormal office hours will apply to the phone number (10am to 8pm).
And no spam e-mails either, they will be deleted with no remorse.